Going for wool and end shorn

The motivations for a person to look for little qualified personnel are: first cost, secondly ignorance, and thirdly, minimize treatments, and avoiding major surgeries.

For more than a hundred years ago, medical and non-medical personnel have been interested in the injection of high viscosity liquids to improve body contour. Initially the paraffin and vaseline, and nowadays liquid silicone and polymethylmethacrylate are used for infiltrations in face, breasts, buttocks and other areas.

The apparent simplicity of the process, is that the patient does not realize possible serious complications that is exposed to, short or long term. After short periods of time or as long as 24 years, these injections can lead to complications ranging from a simple change in the skin to death.   

Very different case is the use of certified wadding used in small quantities, in facial furrows by plastic surgeon or a dermatologist.   

So, happens with the already famous Mesotherapy; in our country there is no product approved by the Ministry of Health to be used in Mesotherapy; in addition to, the Medical Association, considers that the procedure should be performed by a physician.  

The apparent simplicity of the application and the demand have crowded to be applied almost for any use. Apart from getting the promised great results, there are many substances of dubious origin.

The Ministry of Health has a record of dozens of patients infected with Mycobacteria (tuberculosis and leprosy family) of very difficult and costly treatment. 


Dr. Giovanni Montoya Mora
Cirujano plástico, estético y reconstructivo