Mini Liposuction or Maxi Deception

There are various levels of complexity of operating rooms, so for example heart surgery will take place in a room of optimum safety.

A liposuction, in the other hand requires a simple operating room. This does not mean that this procedure should or can be done in an office or at a mall local. Even though, for a plastic surgeon a liposuction is a simple procedure, this is not without risks.

Recently, it has been promoting an incomplete procedure known as mini liposuction.
Performed by a general physician, medical surgeon, or even specialists in various fields under inadequate conditions and equipment, have generated an increase in the number of complications and poor results, and referred to the plastic surgeon consultation, many of these very serious and very expensive treatments.

Patients who see in this pseudo procedure a convenient option, it is worth pointing out that there is no security in a surgery performed with little experience and bad conditions. Plus, the low cost that can be attractive will also go hand in hand with the achieved results.  

The security of surveillance and monitoring by an anesthesiologist, sterile conditions, proper equipment and the experience of a plastic surgeon allows a deep comprehensive procedure in several areas, both on the front and on the back of the patient without stress, trauma and the bad experiences of a large procedure performed under local anesthesia.

Without all of the above, it is sometimes difficult to make a demanding patient understand why spending in questionable procedures that are very likely to have a bad outcome is bad decision.

Dr. Giovanni Montoya Mora
Cirujano plástico, estético y reconstructivo