Plastic surgery - You choose magic or science

Science is the set of systematically structured knowledge, obtained through observation, reasoning and experimentation.

Magic, more formally called illusionism, is the art of illusion, surprise, amuse or entertain through effects that are apparently inexplicable.

Then, who would you trust your body, your well-being and your health to, science or magic?  The answer may seem obvious, but many venture and choose wrong.

There are two types of cosmetic procedures: those who are the product of scientific research, and others, which promise cheap, fast and foolproof results, which by means of deception or tricks seduce and sometimes excite easily.  

Similarly, there are two types of professionals in aesthetic surgery, specialists, fruit of scientific training programs and the illusionists, which obtained their knowledge from magic or imagination, lacking fundamentals of the true reality, but capable to fool or convince at times effortlessly.

So if you're thinking about undergoing your body with a cosmetic procedure, do not exclude the reason and think with the heart.
Make the image suggested just by the senses, does not generate a hope which seems easy.  

Dreamer you are a delusional if you think everything is so simple.


Dr. Giovanni Montoya Mora
Cirujano plástico, estético y reconstructivo