Nothing better than a liposuction

Liposuction, as well as being the most popular and common aesthetic procedure performed in the world it is indeed a surgery.

Invented by the French doctor Yves - Gérard Illouz, it aims to eliminate accumulation of fat to improve body contour. As every surgery, liposuction requires optimal conditions; therefore, it should be done by a qualified specialist, in a certified surgery room and equipment, and high quality supplies.

New technologies such as laser or ultrasound, promise to improve skin retraction, reducing post operative symptoms. For some time, not surgical procedures that have usurped the name of liposuction have promised same results in just a few sessions.

Ultrasound and radio frequency base of these pieces of equipment have been used for aesthetic purposes for many decades.

However, while its use is not new, it is undeniable that they are a good complement to liposuction, even an option for those patients who do not want or have a contraindication for surgery, but they do not replace it.

The truth is that after many sessions the results are very insignificant and little lasting, but at appreciable at the moment.

If things themselves were so good they shouldn't then evoke names like "Lipo", "Lipo without surgery" or "Botox cream" to stand out.

You should wonder why after so many years liposuction is more than consolidated. In the same way it is precise to think why even though they present as new technologies, they still do not have many followers and on the contrary need to borrow the name of other procedures to promote themselves and subsist.


Dr. Giovanni Montoya Mora
Cirujano plástico, estético y reconstructivo