I don't want a fake specialist

After a contest of selection among dozens and sometimes hundreds of general practitioners, future plastic surgeons are elected.

The college residency which these applicants must complete is a new period of studies, in which, as its name implies, they practically live in the hospital.

During these years, the resident doctor, with a very basic and general knowledge of surgery, receives a deep, complex and supervised surgical training, which after of 4 - 6 years will make the become a specialist. Reconstructive experiences in cancer surgery, burn and accident victims, will teach this doctor about the importance of restoring the function and aesthetics of these patients experiences, which they nourish in aspects such as the beauty and harmony.  

They will learn that both knowledge are inseparable and required to achieve the best results in plastic surgery.  In addition, the experience will be necessary to resolve complications related to the specialty and furthermore, to correct those produced by intruders in the field of plastic surgery.  Don’t let yourself be misled by those who sustain their learning in a few theoretical courses and call themselves specialists.

Therefore, if you are thinking about undergoing a cosmetic procedure, look for excellence; don't risk your health and integrity.

Dr. Giovanni Montoya Mora
Cirujano plástico, estético y reconstructivo
Asociación Costarricense de Cirugía Plástica, Reconstructiva y Estética (ACCPRE)